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Stay Connected


Email to obtain a tnttsp email account (not necessary but recommended) and be enrolled in the active huynh truong list ( and the general (active and inactive) huynh truong list (  For the list, hitting "Reply" will respond to the sender, and hitting "Reply All" will respond to everyone in the group.

You may check your tnttsp email from any web browser at  You may also access your account via imap or pop settings on any email client, including your mobile device (highly recommended).

If you prefer to use your personal email account, then you have two options:
  1.  Enroll in the email list with your personal account.  You will be able to send and receive email from that account.
  2.  Set your tnttsp email account to forward messages to your personal account.  This will enable you to receive emails sent to your tnttsp account.  To send, you will need to subscribe your personal account (e.g., yahoo) to the email list (as in 1.).  If you use gmail as your personal account, then link/add your tnttsp account to your existing gmail account to be able to send from the tnttsp alias.

Recommended settings for those that want everything in one gmail account: sign up for a tnttsp account, have it forward to your personal gmail account, and link your tnttsp account to your personal gmail account.  Use gmail's labels and rules to manage.  You may reverse the role: have all emails sent to your tnttsp account.


Not only does Google Apps give us access to email via gmail, it also gives us calendar, accessible at  You will have a personal calendar AND access to Doan's calendar.  Look at it to stay informed!

You may also subscribe to tnttsp's calendar via this ical link in Google Calendar (e.g., your personal google account), Apple's iCal, Microsoft Outlook,     or your mobile device.


Like the email groups, we have a facebook group for active HT's and a general group for all HT's.  Contact a BCH member to add you in both.  This is used for quick reminders/nags and for non-official items.


We have an intranet that is accessible to only BCH members.  We try to keep all meeting minutes, resources, and important documents stored here in order to make future transitions easier.